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The 10 Worst States for Health Insurance Coverage Posted: May 4th, 2010

By Kathryn Vercillo

Kathryn Vercillo is a full time freelance writer/blogger with nearly 10 years of writing experience. She has authored two books and contributed to many other print publications.

How many people do you think are living without health insurance today? Recent statistics indicate that nearly one in five non-elderly adults are without medical insurance, but rates are even higher in some states. In Texas, the state with the highest rate of uninsured adults, nearly one in every three adults lack health insurance coverage. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) recently compiled statistics revealing the number of uninsured adults in each state. Based on statistics from 2007-2008, the following are the 10 states with the most uninsured adults between age 19 and 64:

  1. Texas: 31.5%
  2. New Mexico: 30.5%
  3. Louisiana: 26.5%
  4. Florida: 26%
  5. California: 24.5%
  6. Alaska: 24.2%
  7. Mississippi: 24.1%
  8. Arkansas: 24.1%
  9. Arizona: 23.6%
  10. Georgia: 22.8%

In each of these ten states, approximately one in every three or one in every four non-elderly adults live without health insurance coverage.

Without health insurance, many people fail to get the medical care that they need.

Health Insurance Can Provide Financial Protection

Health insurance helps to protect your finances in case of an emergency. Emergencies and major illnesses can strike at any time. The cost of testing, diagnosis and treatment can be sky-high. Patients without insurance coverage may face major financial burdens like bankruptcy or home foreclosure if they have to pay these bills without medical insurance.

Health insurance isn't just important for emergencies though. It may also be an important part of a comprehensive health plan. Preventive health care is a component of proper health care. The earlier you catch medical problems, the easier it can be to treat them. Getting regular check-ups can keep you healthy and may allow you to avoid major illnesses. It may also keep the cost of your medical care down. Without health insurance, you may not be able to afford to see a doctor regularly for check-ups. This can compromise your total health care plan and cost you more money down the line.

Catastrophic Insurance

One affordable option for health insurance coverage is catastrophic insurance, which pays for hospitalizations and surgeries, but not routine or preventive care. This may be a good option for people who don't get sick often but who want to have health insurance in case of an expensive medical emergency. The monthly premium for this type of health insurance is typically very affordable.

Kathryn Vercillo