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Pharmacy Bargains: How to Win in the Battle of Generic Prescription Drug Programs Posted: February 19th, 2010

By Robert Foreman

Robert Foreman has taught English at the college level for five years, and worked previously as a corporate analyst and as a legal assistant. He is currently a PhD candidate in English, with a nonfiction writing emphasis.

Prescription drugs may seem to be out of reach for many people because of high costs or a lack of health insurance. However, pharmacy retailers and big chains have been taking measures to provide assistance to their customers. There are many opportunities available to purchase generic pharmaceuticals at a very low cost.

Many retail stores now offer generic prescription medication at discounted prices through prescription clubs and programs that operate through their in-store pharmacies. Even if you have good drug coverage through a health insurance plan, these programs can save you a bundle.

The following retailers provide pharmacy bargains:


Wal-Mart is now offering a $4 Prescriptions Program, which offers 30-day prescriptions of generic drugs at commonly prescribed dosages. Available drugs include antibiotics and treatments for:

  • Allergies
  • Colds
  • Diabetes
  • Fungal infections
  • Blood pressure

Similarly, Wal-Mart's $9 Retail Program offers 30-day supplies of selected generic drugs for women's health. The $24 Retail Program provides 90-day prescriptions for the same women's health medications.


Target offers 30-day supplies of a wide array of medication for $4, with 90-day supplies at $10. Target also offers services such as automatic refills of prescriptions and easy prescription transfer from one pharmacy location to another.


Walgreens offers a Prescription Savings Club through which 90-day supplies of generic drugs are available for $12. This includes insulin and other diabetic treatments, as well as veterinary prescriptions. Enrollment is not restricted according to age or prior authorization.


The CVS Health Savings Pass program offers 90-day supplies of generic prescription drugs for $9.99. The membership has an initial cost of $10 and savings apply at any CVS location.

Rite Aid

For customers who do not have health insurance, or whose insurance does not cover all prescriptions, Rite Aid offers the Rx Savings Card free of cost. Through the program, 30-day prescriptions are available for $8.99, and 90-day prescriptions cost $15.99. This applies to more than 500 generic drugs. The program also provides a 15% discount on some brand-name prescription medicines.


The Costco Member Prescription Program offers discounts on select generic prescription drugs for a wide variety of ailments, including allergies, depression, gout and osteoporosis. The program is only available to those whose insurance does not cover prescription drugs. There is no fee to join the program.


More than 300 generic prescription drugs are available through Kroger's $4 Generic Program. Through it, 30-day prescriptions cost $4, 90-day prescriptions cost $10.


The Kmart Prescription Savings Club offers generic prescription medications for $5 for 30-day prescriptions, and $15 for 90-day prescriptions. Other benefits include 5% to 35% discounts on other generic prescription medicines and 5% to 20% discounts on brand-name drugs. The club has an enrollment fee of $10.


Medco offers mail-order delivery of over 400 generic prescription drugs at $10 for every 90-day prescription. This is available to customers regardless of health insurance coverage status.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter's Generic Prescription Savings Club offers more than 300 generic drugs for 90-day prescriptions at $9.99. Enrollment costs an initial $4.95.

Robert Foreman