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Study: Women report more illness than men
December 12th, 2011

Do women simply report more health issues than men? Or do complex genetic and hormonal structures put women and those who insure them at greater risk?

Time to sign up for medical insurance? Don't make these common mistakes
November 21st, 2011

A new survey finds many employees regret the choices they make during their company's open enrollment period. Here's what to do when your employer lays out your health insurance plan choices for next year.

Is health insurance sold by your drugstore a prescription for better coverage?
November 7th, 2011

Individual health insurance may join the sundries sold at your local drugstore. We outline highlights of this new trend.

Are ACOs the new HMOs?
November 2nd, 2011

The health insurance alphabet soup is expanding with the addition of accountable care organizations. A survey of employers shows many are interested in the cost-saving possibilities.

5 mistakes that lead to health insurance claim denials
October 4th, 2011

Understand how your insurance policy works, and stay on top of the details to ensure coverage.

7 free health insurance benefits just for women
August 23rd, 2011

Starting in August 2012, new health insurance plans must cover birth control and other preventive services 100 percent.

Californians pay less for health insurance
July 29th, 2011

Residents of the Golden State have seen their health insurance rates rise recently, but they still pay less than much of the country.

Cake Health offers a sweet way to manage health insurance plans
July 5th, 2011

Understanding and managing health insurance plans is often confusing, but a new Web site hopes to give consumers the tools to make the process a little easier.

Baby on board? When to get health insurance for your newborn
June 2nd, 2011

Find out when to contact your insurer to ensure your little addition gets health insurance coverage.

Does your health insurance include maternity coverage?
April 11th, 2011

Knowing what your health insurance policy covers before you get pregnant is very important.

Adult vaccinations emerge as a top priority in preventive care
December 15th, 2010

Vaccines can offer a simple first-line defense against many common infectious diseases. Yet many adults in the U.S. fail to take advantage of these widely available immunization treatments. Public health officials blame a lack of awareness about adult vaccination for this alarming trend. With more and more health insurance plans extending full coverage for vaccines, you should include this crucial element in your preventive care regimen.

How to get maternity health insurance quotes
September 20th, 2010

For those not covered under group health insurance, maternity coverage can be difficult to find. Plan options vary widely, so before you decide to get pregnant do your research.

Health Insurance: Coverage for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
September 6th, 2010

Insurance companies are beginning to see what holistic health practitioners have know for years--sometimes the best medicine isn't a prescription from the corner drugstore...

Health Insurance Comparison Reveals the Most Expensive States for Assisted Living
August 30th, 2010

Americans are living longer. Today's seniors are often healthy and active for years, and sometimes decades, after retiring. However, with this increase in life expectancy, comes the need for extended senior care services. Whether it is help with household chores or intensive care in a nursing home, it is likely that most seniors will need some form of assistance as they age...

Kaiser Survey of People Who Purchase Their Own Insurance Finds Rates Increasing
August 23rd, 2010

People buying their own health insurance report that recent premium increases average 20 percent, according to a new survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) that examined the experiences of people who buy health coverage on the open, or individual, market.