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Cheap Medical Insurance and How a Health Insurance Comparison Can Save You Money Posted: October 22nd, 2009

By Kelly Richardson

Kelly C. Richardson, MEd is a freelance writer with over 15 years of experience and a digital entrepreneur. He's written for Fortune 500 companies, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Wells Fargo.

The public is sick of the promises of cheap health insurance, and they're getting savvy about the buying process. Here's how you can conduct your own health insurance comparison and find companies that really want to compete for your business.

Finding Cheap Medical Insurance: How to Conduct a Health Insurance Comparison

Cheap health insurance. Is it really out there? The recent attempts at overhauling the system have created one significant change--consumers are getting smart about the way they find coverage. You absolutely must learn the skills of conducting an objective health insurance comparison. Your health just may depend on it.

Where to Start: Cheap Health Insurance or Good Health Insurance?

These are not always the same thing. There's nothing more harrowing than paying low premiums for several healthy months only to get slammed with a massive doctor bill the first time you require serious medical attention. So the first step in the process is to identify your goal. If you're young and fairly healthy, you might be able to live with cheap health insurance. But if you have a history of issues, cheap is not always best.

Know Who Your Friends Are: Let a Broker Assist Your Health Insurance Comparison

Health insurance brokers are very similar to real estate brokers. They're paid to find the cheap health insurance opportunities you're looking for. But you don't pay them--the health insurance companies do. They pay them to find promising business leads. Take advantage of this arrangement to put their expertise on your side. Find a list of brokers through the National Association of Health Underwriters.

Do Your Own Research: Check Health Insurance Comparison Web Sites

The Web has empowered consumers to take control of their buying efforts. There are a wide range of web sites that offer objective information on the various types of plans and the performance ratings of the companies behind them. Revolution Health recommends Best's Insurance Reports, Moody's, Weiss Ratings and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. You'll find intuitive search engines that will help you select the right company and coverage options for your situation.
So as you can see, conducting a health insurance comparison uses several key resources--experts, the Web, and your own common sense. Approach potential insurers with the information you find and increase your chances of finding the prefect coverage.

Kelly Richardson

Kelly C. Richardson, MEd is a freelance writer and blogger for traditional and holistic healthcare. He's written content for Scientific Compliance, CareResource and Ascot Diagnostic Services.