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Free Health Insurance Quotes: Updates On The Issue Of Free Health Insurance Posted: November 14th, 2009

By Kelly Richardson

Kelly C. Richardson, MEd is a freelance writer with over 15 years of experience and a digital entrepreneur. He's written for Fortune 500 companies, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Wells Fargo.

If you're one of the millions of Americans without health insurance, chances are you're probably inundated with offers of free health insurance quotes. But what happens when that free health insurance comes with a price?

Free Health Insurance Quotes Don't Mean Much without Delivery of Promises

Unless you're a member of a special needs group (think low-income individuals or military service members), the reality of free health insurance simply doesn't exist. Unfortunately, our current system places control of coverage in the hands of greedy insurers. The 'no free ticket' Obama Administration promises changes. But will they be enough?

Free Health Insurance in Canada? Get in Line

Many point to the Canadian and English systems of healthcare that provide free services for residents. However, that privilege comes with a down side. Reason.com's John Stossel explains some of the problems their patients experience:

  • Wait in Vain. Sick patients must get on waiting lists for procedures--some that take several years
  • Emergency Room Woes. Some ER patients experience up to a 23-hour wait time for "immediate" care
  • Government Conundrum. To reduce costs, medical facilities must ration and even deny care

Free Health Insurance Quotes? Prepare for Sticker Shock

Shopping around for health coverage could leave you disheartened, to say the least. To make matters worse, insurers are actually taking legal action in attempts to raise premiums even higher in the face of pending reform. Igor Volsky of Think Progress reveals that insurance companies oppose the public health option and are suing in the state of Maine to raise premiums significantly.

Free Health Insurance Experiment in LA? Thousands Respond

The one bright spot has been the efforts of some medical providers to sponsor free healthcare opportunities in various cities across the nation. The New York Times covered an event in August that provided free dental, medical and vision services backed by a non-profit group that specializes in mobile healthcare. The series of events drew over 8,000 people.

Keep in mind that a health insurance quote should be free. Beware the company that charges to consider your situation and decide whether or not to insure you. Until the Obama Administration's healthcare reform strategy begins to take effect, you'll most likely encounter staunch prices to obtain even the most minimal coverage.

Kelly Richardson