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Health Insurance Quotes Look Different Under Reform Light Posted: November 16th, 2009

By Kelly Richardson

Kelly C. Richardson, MEd is a freelance writer with over 15 years of experience and a digital entrepreneur. He's written for Fortune 500 companies, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Wells Fargo.

If you love your health insurance, be prepared to get other health insurance quotes soon. Under the Obama Administration's health care reform plan, you will participate, even if your favorite physician isn't in your network.

Health Insurance Quotes from Barak Obama: Participate or Else!

There's very little doubt that our current system of healthcare coverage just isn't working. Judging by the number of uninsureds and general dissatisfaction with expenses, change must be on the horizon. But the Obama Administration's idea of change may make you stop and think--or write a nasty letter, in some cases. That's because when you get health insurance quotes, you'll be made to participate in a program, like it or not.

What the Reform Is Designed to Do

At least the President is presenting the issue as appetizingly as possible. In the same true social network fashion that helped win the election, the Obama Administration is using the Web to spread the word about the benefits of his new healthcare reform bill.  HealthReform.gov lists the following objectives:

  • Affordability. Reducing the healthcare costs for businesses and government
  • Insurability. Keeping families from going bankrupt to pay for healthcare costs
  • Selection. Guaranteeing your choice of doctors and health plans--in network, of course
  • Pro-action. Investing in prevention and wellness as opposed to treatment

What the Reform Might Do

As you might have guessed, opponents to the President's strategies point out glaring holes in the plan. They're not afraid to voice their opinions either. CNN Money discusses how this healthcare reform could hit you in the wallet.

  • Mandatory Participation. Or face penalties of up to $3,800 a year for a family
  • State-based Plans. That could place an additional cap on your annual and lifetime benefits
  • Tax Credits. That sound good, except that they'll be awarded on a sliding scale
  • Premium Hikes. Potentially for the richest 1.3 percent of Americans

Health Insurance Quotes at the Ready

Many consumers aren't taking the back-and-forth of this conversation lightly. A large percentage of the population are considering or have applied for new health insurance quotes in an attempt to lock-in on a plan that works best for their lifestyles. The Internet is a primary tool for accomplishing this goal. Web sites allow you to compare one health insurance quote to another in order to find the best rates.

Kelly Richardson

Kelly C. Richardson, MEd is a freelance writer and blogger for traditional and holistic healthcare. He's written content for Scientific Compliance, CareResource and Ascot Diagnostic Services.