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Weekly health insurance roundup: January 10 - 14, 2010 Posted: January 14th, 2011

By Maryalene LaPonsie

Backlash to a Blue Cross Blue Shield rate hike dominated the blogosphere last week. However, Blue Shield of California was far from the only health insurance company making news. Aetna is finding some zen as UnitedHealthcare and Molina Healthcare decide to share the wealth. Keep reading for all the latest in the world of health insurance.

Aetna is mindful of keeping costs down.

Conventional medicine is sometimes criticized as being a little too reactive instead of proactive. Mainstream treatments seem focused on fixing problems rather than asking: How did we get here in the first place? Insurance giant Aetna is looking to change all that. It ran a pilot project with its employees to see if therapeutic yoga and mindfulness mediation could reduce stress. They did, and the stress levels weren't the only thing to fall - health care costs did too.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has a privacy malfunction

So much Blue Cross Blue Shield news, so little time! Blue Shield of California received a letter from California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones asking it to delay its planned health insurance rate increase by at least 60 days. Blue Shield of California responded by, well, ignoring the Commissioner's request, according to a Los Angeles Time report.

Meanwhile, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan was alerted to a privacy 'whoops' when a member found her name, address, birth date and Social Security posted online. It seems that private information from some 6,500 members had been inadvertently made public, according to a report in The Detroit News. Whoops indeed. The information was taken down immediately.

Meanwhile, Merribeth Rhoads had to wait three years for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois to remove her phone number from its physician directory. No, Merribeth wasn't a neurosurgeon, she just played one on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website which confused her home phone number with that of a local doctor's office, according to a Chicago Tribune report.

UnitedHealthcare heads back to school

Keeping in the New Year's spirit, UnitedHealthcare is working to create a healthier 2011 for Tennessee residents. The company donated $10,000 to Southwest Tennessee Community College (STCC) to fund a new Healthy Lifestyles Program. The partnership between UnitedHealthcare and STCC is hoped to reverse a regional trend of increasing rates of hypertension, obesity and type 2 diabetes, according to a Memphis Business Journal report.

Molina Healthcare is looking for a few good nurses

Standing on the frontlines of children's health care are school nurses across the nation. While often called in to do battle with the sniffles, tummy aches and the occasional lice outbreak, these unsung heroes serve a higher calling as well. For many children, the school nurse may be their only link to consistent health care. To help nurses do their jobs more effectively, Molina Healthcare of Ohio is offering grants to school districts. At Manchester Local Schools, the $1,000 award will be used to implement a software program to better monitor student's health.